The artist

Alice Peto continues a long family tradition of British creativity. Among her ancestors is Samuel Peto, whose architectural legacy includes the Houses of Parliament and Nelson’s Column. In addition, Harold Peto, was the genius behind some of England’s most exquisite Italianate gardens.

It was in Florence, Italy where as a young lady she completed her artistic training. Since then, her watercolour paintings have appeared in exhibitions throughout Britain and overseas. Similarly she also produces an extensive range of prints, and other works including bespoke invitations, maps and children’s illustrations. Likewise she has also practised as an interior designer, and spent seven years as an art teacher at schools in London before leaving the profession to bring up her own children.

Today, she sees herself as an artist who translates her work into ceramics. Moreover as founder and creative director of her eponymous tableware brand, she brings her unique personality, personal vision and a true artistic sensibility to everything the company does.

A variety of options and possibilities

Her designs bring beauty, theatre and joyfulness to everyday living and special occasions alike. Quintessentially English, her ranges effortlessly bridges the gap between formal and informal, classic and contemporary, and is equally happy being used on its own, or mixing-and-matching with whatever you’ve already got.

The brand

The inspiration to create her own collection of tableware and ovenware came about when she was buying gifts for friends’ weddings. She realised no one was making distinctive, visually striking china that was also delicate and elegant AND yet suitable for everyday use. Boldly taking up the challenge, she made countless trips to Stoke-on-Trent, where she immersed herself in the lore and techniques of English pottery. Then when ready she launched her first collection in 2013.

At present our tableware currently features fourteen designs, all hand-drawn by Alice herself, in five Collections: the company also offers a full bespoke service. Tablemats for children and adults, featuring Alice’s drawings, are also available in two sizes.