Commission your tableware using Alice Peto's design service

Beautiful English tableware for you, and you alone

Alice Peto offer a bespoke tableware design service. We eat with our eyes, and visually striking plates, bowls and tableware are so important to completing that experience. In fact, every piece or collection starts life as an original hand-drawn artwork by Alice herself; and as a niche company, we have the ability and flexibility to produce very small, limited runs. This unique and cost-effective combination allows us to offer a completely one-to-one personal tableware design service.

For example we can conceive, create and supply exclusive tableware for restaurants, fine-dining pubs, boutique hotels and private residences. In addition, we can create tableware for a variety of special occasions such as a wedding, anniversary or other major life event. Whatever the design, be it a crest, monogram or logo, illustration or a even a silhouette of something personal to you the end result will certainly be a talking point at the dinner table.

The process is highly creative and collaborative, in which you’ll work directly with Alice at every stage to ensure your ideas become a reality. Therefore the result will be beautiful, highly personal, and literally one-of-a-kind.

To discuss a bespoke commission, and to find out more about our creative and production process, please contact us.