Mix & Match

Lots of options. Unlimited possibilities.

Our mix and match approach provides endless combinations. The colours across the Birds, Oasis, Tropical, Rainbow and English Garden designs have been carefully chosen to work effortlessly and harmoniously together. Therefore you can mix and match both between and within Collections. Blend Penguin bowls with Parakeet plates, a Pineapple jug with Pea Pod cups or likewise a Rainbow plate coupled with a Goldfish mug. With fourteen designs and a wide range of shapes to choose from, you’ve got plenty of combinations to explore and play with.

How many pieces do I need?

The general rule of thumb is to have 8-12 settings’ worth of casual dinnerware to allow for a group of guests (as well as the occasional broken plate). Remember, 8-12 settings means 32-72 pieces.

Our products bring colour, fun and quirky humour to everyday life; they’re dishwasher safe and, with their clean, crisp looks and distinctive designs, they’re perfect for dressing a table and mixing-and-matching. Don’t be afraid of colour!

Plus, our informal style makes Alice Peto tableware the perfect way to complement and enliven your existing china collection. Not to mention bringing fun and theatre to your table by providing great conversation pieces.

5 Tips for a beautiful mix and match table setting

1. Embrace the look, each place setting should be varied, not just a few, so the effect won’t look like an afterthought.
2. Make it cohesive. Embracing the combinations doesn’t mean its haphazard.
3. Perhaps think of a theme, for example Tropical.
4. Use a crisp, clean white table linen.
5. Have fun!